Last updated: 1/3/2012
Knowltons Ice Museum of North America
Port Huron, Michigan
Street Address
317 Grand River
Port Huron, MI 48061
Mailing Address
317 Grand River Ave.
Port Huron, MI 48061
phone: 810-987-5441
Thursday - Saturday11 AM - 5 PM
Groups over 10 can make special appointments anytime. Self guided or guided tours available.
Oct. - May
Saturday11 AM - 5 PM
Groups over 10 can make special appointments anytime. Self guided or guided tours available.
Adults: $5
Seniors: $4
Children Ages 6 to 10 : $2
Children under 6: Free
Museum Type(s)
Judy Knowlton, Tour Guide
phone: 810-987-5441
Melissa Davis, Volunteer Director

Take a look back in time when there wasn't any electricity. Imagine having to wait for the "iceman" so that you could keep your food cold. In the winter, the men would have to go out and cut the ice from the ponds and lakes and then it would have to be stored in Ice Houses to be used during the hot summer months. Our collection includes all kinds of tools that were used in the ice industry like tongs, plows, ice boxes, measuring sticks, chippers, crushers, saws, a full size Ice Wagon. We have a short film of the ice industry in the early 1900's.
Also.........since this was a family project: we have quite a collection of License Plates, Milk Bottles, Antique Cars, Dolls, and Baby Buggies.


My Father founded "Party Time Ice Company" and started collecting some of the old tools. He found there weren't many people that were collecting the tools used in the ice industry of long ago. So he started his journey of collecting everything he could find concerning old ice tools and equipment. He had been a milkman and so he already had quite a collection of milk bottles. Eventually he built a building for his growing collection..........and turned it into a museum

Artifact Collections

Collections of ice include: plows, ice picks, chippers, shavers, ice boxes, saws, axes, breaker bars, full size ice wagon
License Plates, Milk Bottles, Antique Cars, Dolls, Baby Buggies

  • We now have 5 horse drawn ice wagons.
  • ADA

    Wheelchair Accessible

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