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Danville, Virginia
Street Address
3321 N. Main Street
Danville, VA 24540
Mailing Address
3401 US Hwy 29
Danville, VA 24540
phone: 434-836-5323
fax: 434-836-3532
March 13 to Dec 31
Tuesday - Saturday10 AM - 4 PM
Closed Thanskgiving Day & Christmas Day
Jan 1st to March 12th
Saturday10 AM - 4 PM
Tank Museum Research Library
The Tank Museum Research Library is open to all Associate, Business & Life Members on a reservation bases, and for non-commercial purposes.
Tuesday - Saturday10 AM - 3:30 PM
Only 2 reseachers will be allowed in Library at a time. Must be 21 or older!
Adults $10.00
Under 12 & over 60 $9.50
Please call the museum for our discount policy for 15 or more visitors.
Gift Shop
Special Event Rental
Karen Gasser, Director - Business Manager
phone: 434-836-5323
William F. Gasser, Director - Curator

The goal of the museum is to have each piece in life like dioramas. A tank used during Vietnam will be in a jungle setting, a tank used in Desert Storm will be in a sand type display. But all that takes a large amount of funding to make it happen. All proceeds received thru the Adopt a Tank go to the set up of a tank or artillery piece. The Donor will have their name displayed beside a vehicle or artillery piece showing their support in helping to Preserve the Memories!

AAF is a journey like no other into the fascinating world of military history. View artifacts dating from 1509 to present during your tour of the finest and most extensive international tank and cavalry collection in the world. Your journey with us begins with an exhibit of civil war soldiers riding a horse drawn gatling gun and limber, with a war dog by their side. Next is the collection of Tank toys or AFV's as many call them. Over 300 toys are in this collection and some that as a little boy I bet you even played with. The get ready for some rock N roll with our Elvis in the Army exhibit. Elvis was in the 3rd Army stationed in German, but he did his tour of duty for this great nation. Your journey continues to our rifle collection which has both the common military rifles and the extremely rare and unique ones. Headgear of the world exhibit is next on the journey and you will spend lots of time looking at all the feathers, plumes and combs from some very rare helmets indeed. You will witness the evolution of the helment over the years and get a great respect for what a soldier wore on his head while riding a horse with sword at the ready. Then it is on to the International Tank & Cavalry Generals room where you will view many military leaders from history. The weapons room is something that no one wants to miss with over 150 machine gun size weapons it is an arsenal from history. The museum's theatre is also a stop that you will want to make to see the feature or documentary that is presently on the screen. Then it is off to see the big monster tanks and artillary pieces that the museum is famous for. From a W.W.II German Panzer MK IV, to a WWI Six ton special there is armor from all over the world for you to learn about and explore. So prepare yourself for an awesome journey for both young and old alike.


Museum was founded in 1981 by present museum curator and director, Mr. William Gasser, as a 501 (c) 3 not for profit educational organization.
Certified in 1981 and recertified in 2003 by the U.S. Government and the Center of Military History to receive military donations as a not for profit museum.
Museum relocated in 1999 from Mattituck, New York to Danville, Virginia.
Facility was donated to the Museum by a New Jersey Corporation, Sandvik, Inc.
Museum facility is 330,000 square feet on 89 acres.
AAF is the only military museum with all artifacts under one roof.
From 1999 to present major repairs and renovations were being made to the museum facility.
The Museum opened its doors in the new facility in April 2003.
Community Economic development dream - from enviromental super fund site to revitalized clean industry use.

Artifact Collections

Museum Collection

The Museum collection is exhibited in a 330,000 sq. foot facility.

Presently the Museum has over 113 Tanks and Artillery pieces.

Weapons Room Exhibit ~ with over 150 Mid size weapons such as, Bazookas, Flame Throwers, and Recoilless Rifles.

Rifle Room Exhibit ~ with over 50 rifles from the unique and rare to the very common military types.

Over 100 Tank & Artillery Optics & Fire Control items.

International Hall of Tank & Cavalry Generals with 127 Generals in Attendance.

Sandbox Soldiers Exhibit with 37 children's military uniforms.

1400 Tank & Cavalry Uniforms dating from 1509 to present.

300 Women's Uniforms dating from 1852 to present.

1600 Tank and Cavalry headgear pieces dating from 1790 to present.

300 Tank & Armored Fighting Vehicle toys.

Danville-Pittsylvania Soldiers Remembrance Wall.

Radio Control 1/16 scale indoor Battlefield ~ 6,000 sq. ft in size and the only indoor RC Battlefield in the world.

Exhibits of the following International Tank & Cavalry artifacts from all time periods: Artwork, ash trays, badges, belt buckles, books & magazines, banks, banners and streamers, cards, clocks, coins, carvings, cufflinks, data plates, decals, DI's, field gear, figurines, flags, guidons, glassware, hankies, hood ornaments, ID bracelets, insignia patches, jewelry, lithographs, lighters, matchbooks, musical instruments optics, pillowcases, pencils, paper goods, pennants, post cards, powder puffs, presentation pieces, posters, puzzles, rings, scarves, sweetheart items, signs, smoking items, aprons, tie related items, wall hangings, walking sticks.

Research Collections

Tank Museum Research Library
The Tank Museum Library is open to all museum members on a reservation bases,and for non-commercial purposes.

Presently hours are Tuesday - Saturday 10 am to 3:30 pm.

Only 4 reseachers will be allowed in Library at a time.

Researchers will be required to supply their own writing materials & paper. Photocopies of some items are available at $1.00 a copy

NO large bags, boxes, pocketbooks, briefcases, or personal books will be allowed in the Library.

NO food, drinks, smoking, cell phones, weapons of any kind,audio equipment, video equipment, cameras, children, gum, candy, tape, paperclips, markers, or glue will be allowed in the Research Library.

As with all Libraries low voices are required and the replacing of books back in the correct location is a must.

Reseachers for commercial applications will be allowed access to the Research Library only if they have a Business or Life membership, plus an additional fee of $50.00 per hour will be required.

The AAF Tank Museum reserves the right to change, add or delete, any of the above rules and regulations at any time and as the museum directors see fit. The museum also reserves the right to deny access to any individual or group to the Library and collection as it sees fit. All reseachers will be required to sign a release and acknowledgement form before entrance to the Library is allowed.

Please call the museum business hours at 434-836-5323 or E-MAIL the museum with reservation dates. If you reserve by email, you must show copy of museum's email confirmation

Educational Programs

It is with great pleasure that the Tank Museum can introduce to you a new and exciting journey for your students into U.S. & world history, civics, economics and government that will meet the requirements from the Commonwealth of Virginia's Standards of Learning.

American Armoured Foundation, Inc. - The Tank Museum is a not for profit museum in Danville, Virginia, that has created a program called "Preserving the Memories". This program will give the student insights into technology, culture, historical events, economics, political systems, social duties, patriotism, and citizenship through exhibits of international military artifacts dating from 1509 to present.

A one to two hour quided tour will cover the technologies and economics of different time periods and nations, and will allow the students to see first hand how the forces of conflict caused major advances in both these areas.

During the guided tour the students will be able to complete the International Military History Artifact (scavenger) Hunt. This scavenger hunt will allow the students to develop skills in identifying and interpreting cultural and historical events, political systems, social duties, patriotism, and citizenship.

The following is asample of some of the SOL requirements that the museum can help you meet in your curriculum:
VS.1, USI.9, USII.4, USII.5, USII.6, USII.7, USII.8, CE.3, CE.4, WHII.1, WHII.6, WHII.7, WHII.8, WHII.9, WHII.10, WHII.11, WHII.12, WHII.15, WG.10, VUS.1, VUS.9, VUS.10, VUS.11, VUS.12, GOVT.17

This program is offered year round to grades 6 to 12, by appointment only.
Cost of the program is $5.00 per person.
Teacher, Chaperones and Bus driver are free.
Each student will receive a packet with the International military history artifacts sheet, museum brochure, and a discount ticket for future visits.

There is also an indoor area and an outdoor area where students can enjoy the box or bag lunches that they have brought.

Teachers may make a reservation for their class by calling the museum office at 434-836-5323.
Please have several dates in mind as we expect school tours to fill up quickly.

The Tank Museum staff is looking forward to helping you the educator bring history to life for your students!


Access: Members

Appointment required: Yes


Museum membership newsletter published semi-annually

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