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The Creative Company has lead the industry in the production and publishing of site specific books for thirty years. We are the publisher of site specific souvenir books, guide books, road guides, walking tour guides, educational workbooks, discovery and coloring books for museums, zoos, aquariums, historic sites, historic homes, historic associations, botanical gardens, conservatories, arboretums, national parks, and state and local parks. Here is some of what we do that is included in the cost of publishing your book:

We come to your facility and work directly with your staff.

We do all the layout, design and illustration.

We drum scan transparencies, slides or prints (digital is acceptable).

We edit the text.

We assist you with writing the text.

We create activities and games for children's books.

We correct and make changes to the script as you specify.

We provide drafts of the script until you okay to print. We provide a color iris and H&P before going to press.

We print the book on recycled paper with vegetable inks.

We bind, trim and box the books.

We ship the books freight-free to your site. Please contact us to learn more about how The Creative Company can bring your unique experience to so many more readers through print.