Street Address
965 Hickman Rd
Augusta, GA 30904
Mailing Address
965 Hickman Rd
Augusta, GA 30904
Monday - Tuesday, Saturday9:30 AM - 12 PM
Sunday1 PM - 3 PM
$10 per family up to 3 children, $2 each additional child; $2 each visiting child accompanying member family; Military families and students $8;
Military (Families): $8
Children (additional children): $2
Visiting Children : $2
Family up to 3 children: $10
Special Event Rental
David Hartmann, Board Member
phone: 706-726-3506
Valerie Mirshak, Board Member
Quentin Hartmann, Board Member


We are a non-profit, inclusive, member-run children's museum featuring interactive educational exhibits and occasional programming. Our exhibit space includes Sensorimotor Corner, the Fixer Upper, Science Corner, the Pre-Literacy Room, and the Art Studio. We focus on providing quality educational exhibits for children ages 0 to 6 and parents.

Pre-literacy Room

This room promotes reading readiness skills, numeracy, and imaginative play. Includes a library, storyboard, puzzles, puppetry, and theater with changeable themed props and costumes

Art Studio

The art studio provides a unique space for children to engage in visual exploration, experimentation and creation.

Fixer-Upper & Train Table

The fixer-upper is a two-story playhouse with activities inside designed to develop concepts of mechanics and design. The activities include “The Leaky Sink”, “The Tile Countertop”, “Broken Furniture”, “Electric Panel”, and “Gingerbreading.”

Sensorimotor Corner

Especially for babies in the first year, this exhibit features soft blocks and pillows to sit against or lay on, varied rattles, tables to practice standing with, baby ‘slides’, mobiles and other objects that stimulate all five senses and encourage exploration.

Science & Health Corner

The Science & Health Corner is currently home to the Machines exhibit. We just rotated the Teddy Bear Clinic out. In the future we hope to tap into the health science community of Augusta to build more exhibits in the future.

Hickman Park

We are located in Hickman Park which has a playground, tennis court, picnic tables, sidewalk games, etc.


Imagination Station's mission is to provide an educational play setting for families with young children in the CSRA. We encourage parent-child interaction through permanent and rotating exhibits that nurture cognitive, social and physical development. We are committed to helping build strong families and community through meaningful play and programming.


Imagination Station Children's Museum was the brain-child of local parents who experienced the need for an indoor children's museum in the CSRA. Following a successful fundraising campaign and initial membership drive in May and June of 2014, the museum opened in Augusta in August 2014.

Educational Programs

During regular hours at Imagination Station, children can play in exhibits that nurture daily life skills, writing and reading readiness, art, engineering, and more. Special programs for infant development, story times, music exploration, and art activities are offered to further engage children with the sciences, fine arts, literacy and healthy living.


    Our museum contains an art studio, two story playhouse, sensorimotor corner, science corner, pre-literacy room, and a theater.


    Member Elected Board of Directors


    Wheelchair Accessible


    Rent our children's museum

    The museum is small. We request that groups with more than 6 children consider renting the museum. The museum can be rented after hours by members and non-members. Our recommended limit for rentals is 22 persons. To accommodate renters, we have several tables,15 adult chairs, seating for 14 kids, a refrigerator, microwave, bathroom, water fountain, and a coffee/tea brewer. A collapsible rain shelter is available for use. The park has a playground, 3 picnic tables, tennis court, and a grill.

    Special Event Rental